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Vol:23 , issue: 1 , Year:2019 ,


Vasile Burlui, Prof. PhD, Member of the Medical Sciences Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) DEPUTY EDITORS Sorin Andrian, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania), Carmen Stadoleanu, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) SECRETARY EDITORS Laura Ecaterina Romila, Assist. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania), Alexandra Burlui, Univ. Assist. PhD student (Iaşi‑Romania) Translation: Cristina Irimia (Iaşi, Romania)

EDITORIAL BOARD ______________________
Leonard Ionuţ Atanase, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Adriana Bălan, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Sorana Baciu, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Cluj‑Napoca‑Romania) Alexandru Vasile Burlui, Univ. Assistant PhD Student (Iaşi ‑ Romania) Irina Draga Căruntu, Prof. PhD, Associate Member of the Medical Sciences Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) Vasile Chiriţa, Prof. PhD, Associate Member of the Medical Sciences Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Morris Clark, Prof. DDS Oro‑Maxillo‑Facial Surgery and Anesthesiology, Faculty of Den tistry, University of Colorado Mariana Constantiniuc, Prof. PhD (Cluj‑Napoca‑ Romania) George Costin, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Oana Cucoveică, Univ. Assistant PhD Student (Iaşi ‑ Romania) Oana Daraba, Lecturer PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Jacques Desbrieres, Prof. PhD (Pau, France) Bogdan Dimitriu, Prof. PhD (Bucharest, Romania) Carmen Dorobăţ, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Letiţia Doina Duceac, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Mihaela Adina Dumitrache, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Horia Dumitriu, Prof. PhD, Associate Member of the Medical Sciences Academy (Bucharest‑Romania Lucian Eva, Assist. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Gabriela Haliţchi, Lecturer PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Alexandru Andrei Iliescu, Assistant Prof. PhD (Craiova‑Romania) Mona Ionaş, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Sibiu‑Romania) Constantin Iordache, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Gianina Iovan, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Mihai Luchian, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Silvia Mârţu, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Gabriela Mihalache, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Catalina Morăraşu, Prof. PhD (Saint Paul‑USA) Mihaela Moscu, Assoc.PhD (Iaşi, Romania) Lavinia Negruţiu, Prof. PhD (Timisoara‑Romania) Luminiţa Nica, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Timisoara‑Romania) Adriana Pirte, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Oradea‑Romania)
Marcel Popa, Prof. PhD (Iaşi, Romania) Sorin Popşor, Prof. PhD (Targu Mures‑Romania) Carol Stanciu, Prof. PhD, Member of the Romanian Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) J.R. Strub, Prof. PhD (Freiburg‑Germany) Melinda Szekely, Prof. PhD (Targu Mures‑Romania) Ligia Vaida, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Oradea‑Romania) Constantin Vârlan, Prof. PhD, (Bucharest, Romania) D.P. Vinuth, MDS, Assist. Prof. (Jabalpur‑India) Irina Zetu, Prof PhD (Iaşi ‑ Romania)

ADVISORY BOARD ______________________
Ashish Aggarwal, BDS, MDS, Assistant Prof., Institute of Dental Sciences (Bareilly‑India) Daniela Boişteanu, Assoc. Prof. PhD, Associate Member of the Medical Science Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) Beate Brand‑Saberi, Prof. PhD (Bochum‑Germany) Alexandru Bucur, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Roxana Chiriţa, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Yves Commissionat, Prof. PhD MD (Paris‑France) Vito Casella (Napoli‑Italy) Gerald Gitsch, Prof. PhD (Freiburg‑Germany) Andrei Iliescu, Prof. PhD, Member of the Medical Sciences Academy (Bucharest‑Romania) Rodica Luca, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Claude Matasă, Prof. PhD (San Diego‑USA) Adam Maxim, Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) George Morăraşu, Prof. PhD (Minnesota Roseville‑USA) Friedrich Paulsen, Prof. PhD (Erlangen Nurnberg‑ Germany) Alexandru Petre, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Luciano Poli, Prof. PhD (Pisa‑Italy) Herve Reychler, Prof. (Brussels‑Belgium) Dan Riga, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Sorin Riga, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Mariana Sabău, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Sibiu‑Romania) Dragoş Stanciu, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Horia‑Nicolai L. Teodorescu, Prof. PhD, Member of the Romanian Academy (Iaşi‑Romania) Teodor Trăistaru, Prof. PhD (Bucharest‑Romania) Georgeta Zegan, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iaşi‑Romania) Executive secretary: Dumitrescu Georgiana Anca


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