Instructions for authors

The International Journal of Medical Dentistry publishes peer-reviewed research-oriented articles and original concepts in all fields of dentistry and oral surgery. The journal is published quarterly in English.

We take great care in insuring that articles are processed as quickly as possibly (maximum 2 months from submission).

All submitted articles will be subjected to a peer-review evaluation from at least two specialists in the relevant field. The editor-in-chief leads the senior editorial panel in making the final publication decision based on the scientific merit and originality of the submitted work. Special attention is paid to the content and originality of articles, as well as the layout, grammar, structure and visual impact. Statistical analysis needs to be correct, relevant and adequately presented.

The authors have two weeks to respond to the feedback given by the peer-review process. In the absence of an answer or an unsatisfactory response the article will be removed from the submission process. All communication from the authors should occur through the Editorial email address at:

Submitted articles will not be accepted for publication if they have already been published or have been submitted for publication to other journals.

Accepted, articles may be edited or reformatted by the Editorial Board under the transfer of copyright agreement.

The following types of articles will be considered for publication:

  • Original research (maximum 6 pages)

  • Clinical cases / Case reports (maximum 3 pages)

  • Clinical and technological innovations (maximum 2 - 3 pages)

  • Editorials / Letters to the editor (maximum 2 pages)

  • Reviews (maximum 1 page) or Meta-analyses

  • Transcripts of Keynote Lectures / Speeches (maximum 2 pages)

  • News, cultural and social information relevant to the Dental and Oral Surgery community (maximum 1 page)


The Journal of Romanian Medical Dentistry / International Journal of Medical Dentistry uses the 'Uniform Requirement for Manuscript Submitted to Biomedical Journals' established by the International Committee of Instructions for authors.
Authors need to insure that patient confidentiality is protected at all times by removing all patient identifiable information from the articles and photographs submitted. Vulnerable individuals need to be protected at all times during the research, submission and publication process.
All original works written in English may be submitted for peer-review. All manuscripts must be accompanied by a statement signed by all authors, in which they assume responsibility for the originality, intellectual property rights and ethical implications of all work accepted for publication in the Journal of Romanian Medical Dentistry. The authors are solely responsible for obtaining the permission / copy rights to publish tables, figures or images form other journals, books or publications.

Conflict of Interest

All authors need to declare any conflicts of interest and financial disclosures during the submission process and prior to publication as a mandatory requirement of the publication agreement.

Informed Consent

Informed consent from patients is required when publishing identifiable, sensitive or private information. It is the author's responsibility to gain written consent from patients and make it available to the Editorial Board or any other authorised legal bodies.

Experiments involving human and animal subjects

All experiments on human subjects require proof of approval by an authorised Ethics Committee and be aligned to the Helsinki Declaration (1975 / revised 2000).

All experiments on animals require proof of compliance with institutional and national guidelines on the prevention of animal cruelty and good standards of veterinary care and practice in medical research.

Editor's Instructions

All articles should be written in accordance to the following guidelines:

  • Clear and concise text

  • Original research articles should be organised as: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References;

  • Titles and sub-titles need to me written in capitals using Times New Roman font 12 in bold.

  • The names of the authors need to be written using Times New Roman font 12, bold. Surnames must be followed by first name

  • Intuitional affiliations and academic rank need to be included for all authors

  • The abstract will follow the structure of the paper and should consist of no more than 150 words

  • 3-5 Key words need to follow the abstract

  • The figures and tables in text need to be referenced using brackets as follows: (fig.l),(tab.l)

  • The References must only contain sources used in text, in order of appearance and not in alphabetical order (Vancouver Style) and follow the guideline established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Self-referencing is not allowed.

  • The articles need to be sent in electronic format on a CD, flash disk or by email.

  • The corresponding author needs to provide full name, contact telephone, postal and email address.

Submission Process

Submission by post: The following must be sent to our editorial office a printed copy of the manuscript; a letter of copyright transfer and disclaimer signed by all authors (see attached model) together with an electronic copy of the article (CD or flash disk). These must be posted to our editorial address International Journal of Medical Dentistry (Editorial Office), 11, Pacurari street, 700511 Iasi, Romania

Submission by email: The above mentioned signed documents must be scanned and emailed to the following email address

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