Authors: Smarandita Georgeta Pacuraru, Carmen Elena Cotrutz, Silvia Mârtu, C.Cotrutz


The present work shows the most important data regarding cell biology and stomatological clinic aspects on matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) role in periodontal disease. It also states the correlation between MMP expression and the disease evolution, representing the basis for building a complex study regarding gelatinases activity during periodontal disease (study performed by
Cell and Molecular Biology Dept. and Periodontology dept. in University of Medicine Iasi). MMP are endopeptidases that were identified in early 60s and they are formed by a single polypeptide with a molecular weight (MW) of 20-100kDa. They are able to degrade the most part of extracellular matrix compounds and have important roles during development and apoptosis. MMP overexpression was signaled during chronic inflammation, post-lesional bone remodeling, wound healing and tumor invasion, being able to degrade one of the laminin-5 chains (MMP2), compound of the hemidesmosomal adhesion plaque.