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Vol 13 Issue 3

loan Haulica, Prof. PhD, Member of the Romanian
Academy (Iasi-Romania)

Vasile Burlui, Prof. PhD, Member of the Medical
Sciences Academy (Iasi-Romania)

Silvia Martu, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)

Carol Stanciu, Prof. PhD, Member of the Romanian
Academy (Iasi-Romania)
Andrei Iliescu, Prof. PhD, Member of the Medical
Sciences Academy (Bucharest-Romania)
Irina Draga Caruntu, Prof. PhD, Associate
Member of the Medical Science Academy (Iasi-Romania)
Vasile Chirita, Prof. PhD, Associate Member of
the Medical Sciences Academy (Iasi-Romania)
Horia Dumitriu, Prof. PhD, Associate Member of
the Medical Sciences Academy (Bucharest-Romania)
Sorin Andrian, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Mihai Chirita, Prof. Eng. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Marcel Costuleanu, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Elena Carmen Cotrutz, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Claude Matasa, Prof. PhD (San Diego-USA)
Dan Sabau, Prof. PhD (Sibiu-Romania)
Roxana Chirita, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Eugene Leibovicz, Prof. PhD (Tel Aviv-Israel)
Dan Vasile Martu, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Nikos Marangos, Prof. PhD (Athens-Greece)
J.R. Strub, Prof. PhD (Freiburg-Germany)
Grigore Baciut, Prof. PhD (Cluj-Napoca-Romania)
Alexandru Bucur, Prof. PhD (Bucharest-Romania)
Vasile Carligeriu, Prof. PhD (Timisoara-Romania)
Dan Gogalniceanu, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Devis Cohen, Prof. PhD (Tel Aviv-Israel)
Yves Commissionat, Prof. PhD MD (Paris-France)
Ioan Danila, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Norina Consuela Forna, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Adam Maxim, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Catalina Morara[u, Prof. PhD(Saint Paul-USA)
Doina Onisei, Prof. PhD (Timisoara-Romania)
Herve Reychler, Prof. (Brussels-Belgium)
Sami Sandhaus, Prof. PhD(Lausanne-Switzerland)
Ioan Sarbu, Prof. PhD (Bucharest-Romania)
Drago[ Stanciu, Prof. PhD (Bucharest-Romania)
Mihnea Strugurescu, Prof. PhD (Toronto-Canada)
Alin Serbanescu, Prof. PhD (Cluj Napoca-Romania)
Monica Tatarciuc, Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Teodor Traistaru, Prof. PhD (Bucharest-Romania)
Dieter Wember-Mathes, Prof. PhD (Koln-Germany)
Daniela Boi[teanu, Assoc. Prof. PhD, Associate
Member of the Medical Science Academy(Iasi-Romania)
Adriana Balan, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Anca Dumitriu, Assoc. Prof. PhD MD (Bucharest,Romania)
Editorial board
Liliana Foia, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Marta Gardea, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Constanta-Romania)
Gianina Iovan, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Valerian Nicolaescu, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Marinela Pasareanu, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Mariana Sabau, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Sibiu, Romania)
Georgeta Zegan, Assoc. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Alina Apostu, Lecturer PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Adrian Doloca, Lecturer PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Corina Cristescu, Lecturer PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Luminita Radulescu, Lecturer PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Sorina Solomon, Lecturer PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Mihaela Branza, Assist. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Oana Tanculescu, Assist. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Alexandru Brezoescu, PhD (Bucharest-Romania)
Shlomo Barak, PhD (Tel Aviv-Israel)
Rodica Greenberg, PhD (Tel-Aviv-Israel)
George Morararu, PhD (Minnesota, Roseville-USA)
Vlad Solomon, PhD (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Adrian Vassiliou, PhD (Athens -Greece)
Andrei Georgescu, Junior Assist. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Ioana Rudnic, Junior Assist. Prof. PhD (Iasi-Romania)
Corina Iacob, BDS (Iasi-Romania)
Viorica Scutaru, Prof. Manager of the Library of the
University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Iasi-Romania)
Translator: Elena Cuvinciuc
Executive secretary: Alexandra-Violeta Gheorghiu

Instructions for authors



The assessment of the psychological dimension with the view to apply the complex social...

Authors: Catalin Ionita, Vasile Burlui

Abstract: Purpose: So as to demonstrate the existing relationship between the possibility of implant prosthetic therapy and the psychology of the persons who request medical...

Research on the stress induced by inlay crown restoration on the dental tissue

Authors: D. Diaconu, Anca Vitalariu, Monica Tatarciuc

Abstract: Aim: In order to investigate the causes that lead to failure in the restorative therapy with intratissue inlays, we have focused in this paper...

The prevalence of gingival recessions in a group of students in Cluj-Napoca

Authors: Daniela Condor, H. Colosi, Alexandra Roman

Abstract: Gingival Recession (GR) appears in periodontal diseases or in isolation due to traumatic tooth brushing, occlusal traumas or oral piercing. Objective: The study was designed...

Clinical and complementary evaluation of the healing process in plastic muco-gingival surgery

Authors: Maria Rotaru, Silvia Martu

Abstract: Traditional periodontal treatment, be it surgical or not, involves the instrumentation of the inflamed dentogingival complex, leading to the lesion (wounding) of the already inflamed...

Clinical and biological effects of the topical application of antimicrobial agents accompanied by scaling...

Authors: Stamate Eduard, Silvia Martu

Abstract: Gingivitis and periodontitis are dental plaque-induced infections triggered by the accumulation and maturation of pathogenic film on the tooth surface and the oral cavity...

Influence of the severity of dental fluorosis on the size of the apatite crystals...

Authors: Simona Stoleriu, Gianina Iovan, Daniel Timpu, Sorin Andrian

Abstract: This study was conducted in order to determine the apatite crystal size differences in the enamel of teeth affected by various degrees of dental fluorosis. Material and...

Diagnostic relevance of CBCT examination in the evaluation of the endo-periodontal syndrome

Authors: Marta Girdea, Silvia Martu

Abstract: Goals: CT enables periapical disease and endoperiodontal syndrome to be revealed by radiolucent changes at the root apex at an earlier stage than on...

Statistical study on the incidence and prevalence of the pathology of the first permanent...

Authors: Serban Veronica, Maxim Adam, Marinela Pasareanu, Adriana Balan

Abstract: The aim of the study was to determine the pathology of the first permanent molar in children and adolescents in the Iasi area. Material...

Preventing marginal microleakage in class II restoration using bioadhesive materials

Authors: Dumitru Dorel Pomohaci, Titus Marius Radu, Paul Teodorovici, Oana Tanculescu, Sorin Andrian

Abstract: The disadvantage of proximal composite resin restorations on posterior teeth is their poor marginal seal at the gingival border. In order to increase marginal adjustment,...

Retrospective study concerning pharyngeal paresthesiae in the patients hospitalized at the Recovery Hospital of...

Authors: Luminita Radulescu, C.M. Mirtu, V.D. Mirtu

Abstract: The objective of this study is to precisely state the significance of pharyngeal paresthesiae (pharyngeal globus) in various circumstances and to establish the extent...

Juvenile dentistry

Authors: Adriana Balan

Abstract: The reflection on the complexity of the aspects underlying the health condition from a bio-psycho- social perspective, led, in the past decades, to a...