Authors: Irina-Draga Căruntu, Rotaru Maria, Silvia Mârţu


At the level of the superficial periodontium, the free gingival mucosa can be repaired through regeneration, but
the dento-gingival junction only supports cicatrisation. The aims of the study were: 1) documentation of the theoretical elements referring to the healing process of the wounds, especially from the level of the superficial periodontium, 2) clinico-morphological exam of the selected cases, 3) comparative evaluation of these cases, under the rapport of clinical and anatomo-pathological exam. Material and methods: We have studied on a group of 5 patients the possibilities of healing, repairing and regeneration of the superficial periodontal tissues, through anatomo-pathological exam of the fragments taken from the level of affected gingival mucosa. Each fragment of
biopsy was initially fixed in phormole, than prepared according to the standard protocol for the anatomopathological
Results: The histological image was represented by aspects of partially denudated, ulcerated, epithelium, sometimes associated with fibrino-leucocitary exudates, epithelial hyperplasia, alternation of zones with orto- and para-keratinization, the presence of diffuse or forming small agglomerations intraepithelial lymphocytes, which dislocate the normal arrangement of the keratinocytes;
Conclusions: The initially observed morphological microscopic lesions reflected and sustained the morphologic substrate of the gingival/superficial periodontal affection. The healing process was relatively different at patients that beneficiated from laser therapy comparing to those that did not follow the same type of treatment.