Authors: Andreea Ianovici, V. Burlui, Corina Cristescu, Corina Iacob


Aim of the study. In this study we wanted to evaluate the therapy success of the immediate implantation combined with two additive techniques: sinus lift procedure and guided tissue regeneration. Materials and method. For this study we used 46 patients which presented themselves in the DomenicoMed Clinique from Iasi, from January 2006 to January 2007 (25 females – 55% and 21 males – 45%, ages 34-58, mean – 47.5 years). These patients had a intern sinus lift procedure combined with guided tissue regeneration.For the osteointegration materials we used g fosfate tricalcium combined with blood from the patient in the form of SynthoGraft (Bicon,Boston, MA, USA) associated with collagen resorbable membrane Bicon (Bicon,Boston, MA, USA). In the same time with the sinus lift procedure we applied 54 Bicon dental implants (Bicon,Boston, MA, USA), diameter 5, respectively 6 mm, lenght 8, respectively 11 mm.Results and discussions. Postoperative radiological imagesshowed a vertical height of 10-13 mm due to the implant lenght and the augmentation material, gainning a mean of 4.3 mm in height. The horizontal space between the
palatinal bone and the implant neck was between 3.5 and 5 mm (mean 4.4 mm). The placement of augmentation material lead to a bone that included the implant neck. All implants demonstrated clinical stability. Conclusions. The combination of these thecniques and their realization in only one session lead to results comparative to those obtained if they were to be realized individually. When all surgical steps ar carefully observed, the therapeutic success in anticipated.