Authors: Dragos Virvescu, Vasile Burlui, Corina Iacob, Aurel Apintiliesei, Barak Shlomo


The sinus lifting technique, although often used, has some particularities on which are relaying the therapeutically success.The aims of study is presented different types of this surgical procedure, the main differences were the type of materials used for the graft
and the type of implant. Matherial and methode I have assisted 9 sinus liftings, that were made by Prof. Dr. Vasile Burlui and colab., made with lateral window superior translated, procedure that is made in two steps: the first step sinus lift with augmentation and after 3 month the insertion of the implant. Resultats and discution The selection criteria of the patients excluded the general, loco-regional
and local contraindications for the insertion of the implants, including the precedent maxillary sinusitis that were due to ORL causes. The postoperatory evaluation included general analysis and the local evaluation using OPT and models. The fulminated developement of the techniques of bone augmentation at the implant site level made possible in the last decade the application of implants a great variety of cases. Conclusions This technique uses special instruments and sufficient augmentation material, well placed in regard to the residual bone to permit the insertion of the implant in a later procedure. The disadvantages of the method is correlative with the complications that can appear if the case isn’t correctly rated, durring and post-operatory accidents.

  • augmentation
  • sinus lifting