Bilateral Paroid tumor with pleuro-pulmonary metastases-case study

Authors: Corina Dima-Cozma, S. Cozma, Doinita Radulescu, Oana Arhire, G.I. Pandele


The malignant parotid tumors are highly polymorphic.
The acinic cell carcinoma shows a medium malignancy degree and certain particularities, such as bilateral determinism and late distant metastization.
This study presents the case of a patient with acinic cell parotid carcinoma with bilateral metachrone evolution and pleura-pulmonary metastasis.
The cellularity of the thoracentesis liquid was similar to the initial histological description of the tumor. The computer-tomography showed the invasion of the lung parenchyma and pleura.
The survival after the occurrence of pulmonary metastasis lasted for one year. The particularities and the evolution of the case are approached in relation to other cases quoted in the specialized literature.