Primary dental caries, potential risk factor for developmental dental defects

Authors: Marinela Pasareanu, Adriana Balan, Roxana Mocanu


Purpose. The purpose of the study was to verify the hypothesis ascertained in the specialty literature, according to which temporary teeth caries is a risk factor in the emergence of enamel developmental defects on permanent successors. Material and method. The study was conducted in two steps: during the first step we examined 461 children aged between 4.5-5.6 years from pre-school communities in Iasi, while the second concerned 396 children aged between 8.5-9.6 years from school communities in Iasi. The study group is made upof 363 children of 5 and 9 years. The enamel developmental deffects were only analysed on the vestibular surfaces of the maxilar incisors (SCOTS index). The statistical calculus was made in EPIINFO and EXCEL using the 2 test.