Study on the psychological impact of dental somatoform disorders

Authors: Corina Cristescu, Alina Apostu, D. Virvescu, A. Apintilesei, Vasile Burlui


Considering the low number of studies carried out in this field, our goal was to assess the patients attitudes towards dental somatoform disorders damaging the aesthetics of the face, as well as any attitude change brought about by corrective therapies. When evaluating the results of our study, we considered a set of decisive
factors: the patients age, sex, work environment, and education background.
Thus, our study included a groupof 230 patients, 92 women and 138 men, who came to the Dental Somatic Facial Aesthetics Implantology and
Gnathology Clinic in Ia[i, between 2008-2009, aged
between 20 and 63, men and women, with various
education backgrounds. The data was gathered by means of a 10 questions questionnaire.
We found that people with a poorer education background were less preoccupied with their physical and anatomic appearance, which proves once again that aesthetical taste can be developed by education.
The study revealed improved results after the dental therapy, which consisted of a positive attitude towards themselves and their environment.