Influence of the severity of dental fluorosis on the size of the apatite crystals in the enamel and dentine

Authors: Simona Stoleriu, Gianina Iovan, Daniel Timpu, Sorin Andrian


This study was conducted in order to determine the
apatite crystal size differences in the enamel of teeth
affected by various degrees of dental fluorosis.
Material and method. The study group included 40
molars divided in 4 categories depending on the severity
of fluorosis. Further to enamel and dentine sample
processing, the apatite particle size was determined using
the X-ray diffractometry method. The data were subjected
to a statistical analysis using the Mann-Whitney test.
Results. Enamel and dentine crystals experienced a
statistically significant decrease in the case of 4th degree
fluorosis, as compared to the lower fluorosis severity
degrees. Conclusions: Dental fluorosis determines a
decrease in crystal sizes(length and width) with increase
of fluorosis severity in both dental and enamel.

  • apatite crystals
  • dental fluorosis
  • dentine
  • enamel