Research on the stress induced by inlay crown restoration on the dental tissue

Authors: D. Diaconu, Anca Vitalariu, Monica Tatarciuc


Aim: In order to investigate the causes that lead to failure in the restorative therapy with intratissue inlays, we have focused in this paper on the way the pressures generated by functional stress are transmitted to the dental structures.
Material and method. The work method consisted of the construction of a mathematical model that will stimulate the in vitro experiment of the mechanic stress on the dento-periodontal tissues.
Conclusions: Our conclusions show that the nature of the crown restoration material influences the biomechanical behavior of the dental tissues and, implicitly, the solidity in time of intratissue inlays. The way in which the materials used for the inlays respond to functional stress will influence the pressure induced in the hard dental structures.

  • ceramics.
  • composites
  • gold
  • inlay
  • mathematical model