The prevalence of gingival recessions in a group of students in Cluj-Napoca

Authors: Daniela Condor, H. Colosi, Alexandra Roman


Gingival Recession (GR) appears in periodontal diseases or in isolation due to traumatic tooth brushing, occlusal traumas or oral piercing.
Objective: The study was designed to establish the prevalence of gingival recession in young people, the intensity and the severity of the disease, as well as the existence of some links and correlations between the investigated parameters.
Material and method: We examined 106 students (4th year students at the Faculty of Psychology in Cluj- Napoca), for which we determined the existence of GR, the height of GR, the height of the keratinized gum, the Miller class.
Results: The GR prevalence was of 50.95%. 17 persons (31.47%) suffered from single tooth GR, 22 persons
40.72%) from two gingival recessions, 11 persons (20.4%) from three gingival recessions, and multiple gingival recessions were identified in 4 persons (7.4%). As concerns the height of the GR, 67.15% were of 1-2 mm, and 32.85% of the GR were over 3 mm.
Conclusions: The obtained prevalence matches the data in specialized literature. The high percentage of GR with root coverage recommendations underlines the importance of early identification.

  • gingival recession
  • prevalence.