Imaging evaluation of the odontal and periodontal status of patients suffering from mandibular suppurative conditions

Authors: Silvia Teslaru, Silvia Martu


Scope: Our research was designed to assess the periodontal and odontal status of patients suffering from mandibular suppurative conditions with dental origin. Material and method: We employed a cross case-control study. The patients underwent imaging evaluation, on panoramic radiographs; we analyzed marginal alveolysis, furcation involvement, the presence and quality of root canal treatments, periapical decays. Results and discussions: The mean alveolar bone loss and the mean number of teeth with furcation involvement were significantly higher in the group of patients suffering from odontogenic mandibular suppurative conditions, as compared to the control group. The patients with suppurative conditions also had a precarious oral health, with less fillings, less root canal treatments, but with more decayed and untreated teeth. Conclusions: The study revealed that the association between previous chronic periodontitis and odontogenic mandibular suppurative conditions plays an important role in understanding the etiology of oral infections and in their prevention and control.

  • imaging evaluation
  • mandibular suppurative conditions
  • periodontal status