Study on the caries of the first permanent molar in children aged between 6 and 13 years

Authors: Veronica Şerban, A. Maxim, Adriana Balan


The variability components of the first permanent molar pathology frequency are numerous, since caries occurrence is determined by a multitude of factors. A considerable increase in caries incidence has been noticed in some countries these last few years, while other countries experienced a significant drop in this pathology.
The purpose of our study is the assessment of a representative group of patients, 804, to be precise, living in the Iasi urban and rural areas, aged between 6 and 13 years. The caries occurrences were coded using the following international diagnosis criteria: decay (d), missing (m), filled (f), teeth (t), surfaces (s) (WHO 1987)
The data we gathered were processed using an adequate medical research Statistical method.
The results revealed severe caries occurrences in the first permanent molar especially in the 12-13 years age group.

  • caries
  • Child
  • first permanent molar
  • prevalence.