A clinical and radiographic study on mta efficiency in the direct pulp caping of deep dental caries

Authors: M. Aunianu, S. Andrian, Gianina Iovan, Mihaela Salceanu, C. Topoliceanu,, S. Lacatusu


The literature data published in the last decade offer promising results on the MTA ability of preserving pulp vitality in deep dental caries. The study deals with the efficiency of the MTA therapy in deep dental caries associated with accidental pulp chambers exposure. The experimental group included 21 teeth affected by deep caries lesions with chronic evolution, associated with pulp micro-exposure, following the removal of pathological dentine, in patients with ages between 18 and 35 years. The ProRoot MTA (Dentsply) commercial product was employed. Conservation of pulp vitality and the occurrence of neodentinogenesis reactions were assessed with pulp vitality tests and radiographic examinations, performed at intervals of 12 months. The MTA therapy allowed conservation of pulp vitality in 87.5% of cases, and stimulated the neodentinogenesis reactions in 56.25% of them. Direct pulp caping may be highly successful in cases of MTA usage.

  • deep dental caries
  • direct pulp capping
  • MTA