Autologous and aloplastic sinus grafts integration- comparative study

Authors: F. Onisor-Gligor, A. Rotaru, T. Lung, M Juncar, O. Muresan


The following study aims at comparing the integration of autologous grafts as well as of the PerioGlass, used as materials for sinus augmentation. The implants inserted in the sinus grafts were also followed up, in 14 patients subjected to bilateral elevation of the sinus floor.
Sinus augmentation was done with autologous graft, on using an aloplastic material (PerioGlass). The stability degree of the implants with Periotest was tested when inserting and also when the prosthetics were done.
For comparative histological examination, the bone tissue was taken over when the implant was imbedded. The results showed a degree of integration comparable to the two types of grafts while, as to the integration of implants, this was better for the implants inserted into the autologous grafts, the difference being of 8%. Testing stability with the Periotest and by histological assessing the condition revealed the superiority of the autologous grafts.

  • alloplastic sinus grafts
  • autologous sinus grafts
  • PerioGlass
  • sinus lifting