Clinical and biological effects of a non-conventional alternative therapy with hialuronic acid in periodontal diseases

Authors: E. O. Stamate, Sorina Solomon, Silvia Marţu


The hialuronic acid was studied as a metabolite or as an inflammation marker in the crevicular gingival liquid, as well as an important factor in tissular growth, development and restoration. The aim of the study was to evaluate the anti-inflammatory local effect of the hialuronic acid in pathological periodontal processes. The clinical and biological study was performed on a group of 50 patients with acute gingivitis and chronic marginal periodontitis. The initial anti-inflammatory etiotropic therapy involved, apart from oral hygiene, a gel containing hialuronic acid or a placebo gel, locally applied, twice a day, along a 3 month-treatment. The present study evaluates the efficiency of the local administration of a hialourionic acid-containing gel, as a DM/S adjuvant. The clinical improvements of the periodontal parameters in the groups under investigation differed from the initial ones, at a significant level of 0.05. Application of the hialourionic acid-containing gel improved the DM/S results, in relation to the testing parameters. The non-conventional alternative minimum-invasive therapies are more and more frequently applied for their local anti-inflammatory effects in gingivitis and chronic marginal periodontitis.

  • anti-inflammatory treatment
  • gingivitis
  • hialuronic acid gel
  • periodontitis