Authors: Luminita Radulescu, B. Cavaleriu, C. M. Martu, D. V. Martu


Lip cancer is quite a rare malady which may have a good prognosis if approached correctly; the main conditions to be met for attaining good results involve: early diagnosis, an oncologically-correct treatment (of both the primary lesion and of the cervical ganglionary metastases), carefully observing the functional and aesthetic principles and a suitable monitorization of the malady by regular check-ups over long periods of time.
The present study analyzes the factors influencig the oncological, functional and aesthetic results obtained by surgical treatment of 8 malign tumours localized at the level of lips, which could improve surgical performance. A cohort-type study was carried on over a period of 6 years, including 183 patients (193 lesions) affected by facial, lip and external ear malign tumours, hospitalized in the Otorhynolaringology Clinic of the Recovery Hospital of Iasi. All patients with lip cancer have been exposed, for long periods of time, to sun light, 12.5% of them evidencing pre-cancerous lesions at the level of their face. The literature of the field mentions that, in such cases, the risk of lip cancer development is 2.5 times higher than in the other segments of population. They were subjected to surgical treatment, i.e. tumour ablation.

  • cancer
  • flap
  • lip
  • surgery