Authors: Gabriela Cociorva, Marinela Pasareanu


Materials and method. The study was caried out on a group of 162 patients: 83 boys and 79 girls, with ages between 3 and 7 years. Results and Discussion. In the studied group, an increased incidence of dental caries in temporary teeth was observed. In the year 2007, the incidence of caries and mean dmft index in Bacau was : at 3 years = 76.87% (3.81), at 4 years = 66.30% (4.1), at 5 years =63.63%(4.13), at 6 years= 79%(3.59), at 7 years= 75% (4.4). The incidence of trauma in the examined group was inferior to its prevalence, as due to its structure, the new cases added during the span of time under study being also included. At all ages, large numbers of children had severe forms of dental caries. In 2007, about 72.16% of children of all ages had dental caries. Conclusions. The study aims at giving information regarding the severity of dental caries in children with temporary teeth.The results of the present study may help the estimation of the need of preventive and curative dentistry assistance for this segment of population in Bacau, and it may contribute to setting up a local dental care programme.

  • incidence of dental caries
  • oral health status of pre-school children
  • temporary teeth