Authors: Mioara Tinca Navrotescu, Cornelia Ursu, Gabriela Halitchi, Vicuta Todosiciuc


Aim: The study presents some immunological aspects and discusses the value of serological tests in rinopharynx carcinoma. Material and method: This is a retrospective study performed on 58 patients from the North-East region of Romania (the Iasi,Bacau,Neamt,Suceava,Botosani counties) diagnosed with rinopharyngian carcinoma, treated and followed up between 2000-2009. The anti viral Epstein-Barr IgG and IgM type antibodies were determined by an immunological approach. Results: The Epstein Barr virus is a Herpetic virus associated with different types of cancer, in this case – rinopharyngian carcinoma. The histological type of tumor dictates the registration of serological positive EBV tests with different incidence. Follow up of the AntiEBV IgG and AntiEBV IgM values from this group of study shows a progressive reduction with the treatment and also their growth in relapse. Discussion and conclusions: The production of AntiEBV IgG antibodies before tumor occurrence in rinopharyngian cancer permits an early diagnosis. Differentiated moderate and undifferentiated carcinomas are most frequently associated with positive serological tests. An important reduction of their values may be noticed in patients subjected to a mixed therapy (p<0.001) and much slower decrease in radiotherapy (p>0.05).

  • AntiEBV IgG
  • AntiEBV IgM.
  • rinopharyngian carcinoma
  • serological tests