Authors: O. Aungurencei, Andra Aungurencei, Maria Ursache


A correct diagnosis of the ATM disfunctions involves a detailed both clinical and paraclinical evaluation of symptoms. Their treatment aims at reducing or eliminating pain, at re-establishing the functionality of the joint elements within normal limits, as well as at improving the living conditions by regulating the health condition of the organism as a whole. The scope of the present study was to establish the short- and long-term action and efficiency of some methods of joint rehabilitation for the treatment of meniscus dislocations, and to select the most adecquate therapeutical attitude for achieving homeostasis of the stomatognathic system. The clinical experiments were performed on a group of 62 subjects. The therapies applied had in view both chronic and acute manifestations, which required a most complex treatment: urgent, etiological, symptomatic and supporting treatment, applied to all subjects.

  • disfunctions of the temporo-mandibulary joint
  • joint noises
  • meniscus dislocations
  • treatment