Authors: Simona Ionela GRIGORAS, Ioana RUDNIC, Silvia Martu


Scope of the study: The present clinico-statistical study aimed at evaluating the oral manifestations determined by viral infections, especially herpes virusi, in correlation with some general symptoms and demographic characteristics. Materials and method: 68 cases of herpetic gingivo-stomatitis treated in the Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases of Ia[i have been investigated between January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010. The oral clinical investigations, developed in the Clinics of Infectious Diseases and in the Department of Periodontology, aimed at evaluating the occurrence and evolution of the oral manifestations characteristic to this type of viral infections.
Results and discussion: The oral manifestations observed within the experimental group had a polymorphous character. At group level, a relatively high number of patients (40.2%) showed no oral lesions in the moment of the clinical examination, the remaining cases (49.8%) evidencing more or less specific oral manifestations for the viral pathology involved in the debut and evolution of the disease under consideration. 13 cases (representing 9.0% of the total group) evidenced oral lesions of ulceration and vesicle type, and 25 cases (13.6%) showed lesion elements of exclusively vesicle type. Conclusions: The clinical-statistical study on the incidence and characteristics of the oral manifestations of the viral infection with type-1 herpes virus, clinically manifested, as well, at the level of the gingival mucous membrane, evidenced the constant presence of a higher incidence of this type of virusi in the population, as well as the polymorphous character of the oral lesions.

  • gingival pathology.
  • simplex herpes