Authors: I. AL. BONCHIS


Osteitis is an inflammatory process localized accurately at maxillary bones. The microbiological exams of the biopsy punch fragments obtained by curettage of the postextraction wound have evidenced the occurrence and the degree of severity of the inflammatory background of the lesion, giving the possibility to reconstruct the dynamics of the inflammatory process in osteitis. Evolution of the healing process could be followed on the biopsy punches taken over from patients who followed a correct treatment. The fragments taken over from patients were fixed for 24 hours in 10% neuter formol and processed according to the classic methodology, for their inclusion in paraffin blocks. The most important conclusions are that osteitis with normal scarring evolution contains a very small number of bacilli and Gram positive cocci, while follow-up of microorganisms and cell elements in osteitis may serve as scientific methods for controlling the evolution toward healing of the inflammatory lesion.