Authors: Iuliana Laura FERARIU, Carmen Stadoleanu, Vasile BURLUI


Researches devoted to innovation are mainly aimed to finding the ways for stimulating the innovative potential of each individual. Numerous analyses have been dedicated to the factors that may influence the innovation process, among which special mention should be given to learning and working in a team – as an effect of globalization, and also of the impact of informatics, known as imposing a rapid rhythm in all domains of activiy. The important observation made was that the process of innovation developed in various domains included the medical one involves four fundamental sequences, such as Generating Ideas, Risk Taking, Developing&Maintaining Relationships and Implementation. In addition, it can be mentioned that these connections are active not only within the sequences of the innovation act, but only in the manner in which people obtain the innovative results.
The present paper discusses the results obtained on a sample group formed of medical students regarding their innovative profile and establishes the main directions of research in order to stimulate their innovative potential.