Authors: George Luca, Nicolae Marcu


In Western European, starting with 1870, the stomatologist was an independent worker, refusing the allembracing patronage of surgery, while the dentistry profession used to acquire prestige and autonomy in the medical world. As the object of some modern, legal regulations, being also taught in universities as an independent discipline, dentistry was no longer viewed as a ”Cinderella” of the medical science. Against the background of such a definite professional emancipation, the necessity to establish institutions forming doctors specialized in Dentistry became an impending one. The formal separation from ”the older sister” – Medicine – and the creation of dental schools and departments was the more difficult, the more deeply rooted were the conservative mentalities and old traditions. Yet, the master minds of dentistry succeeded in imposing their ideas, supported by sound and convincing arguments, for the creation of the first schools of dental medicine in Romania. Consequently, as early as 1872, in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, an imperial decree recognized the importance of dental practice and of its belonging to a separate branch of medicine, its exercising being permitted only to doctors in medicine. In such a politico-legislative context, the first faculty of stomatology was created at Cluj, in 1919, under the guidance of Gheorghe Bilascu. In the same period, in Bucuresti, another daring character, great supporter of the stomatological school, dr. D. D. Niculescu, was taking great efforts to convince the decision-makers on the necessity of creating a faculty of stomatology, yet with no positive outcome. Several years were still to pass until the foundation of the first academic institution of dentistry in Romania (1936). The friendship uniting these two dreamers in the beginning of the XXth century is a perfect exemplification of the intense communication and cooperation within intelectual elites for the development of a medical stomatology school in the two Romanian provinces.