Authors: Georgeta ZEGAN, Cristina Gena DASCĂLU, Loredana GOLOVCENCU, Daniela ANISTOROAEI


The study aimed at identifying the quantitative and relational features of the bone, dental and soft tissue structures, for class II malocclusion, with its divisions on sexes and intervals of age, by means of 53 digital cephalometric measurements. 84 conventional lateral cephalometric radiographies were divided into two groups, according to ANB angle (60=class II and 24=class I), while the divisions of class II were clinically diagnosed according to the overjet (24=division 1 and 36=division 2). Application of Kolmogorov-Smirnov, t-Student and Levene tests of program SPSS, version 16.0, evidenced statistically significant differences between the two skeletal classes (28 characteristics), between the divisions of class II (10 characteristics), between sexes (6 measurements) and between the age intervals (28 measurements). The multitude of cephalometric characteristics of this malocclusion requires a special orthodontic therapy.