Authors: Anca Niculina CADINOIU, Oana Maria DARABA, Paula MERLUSCA, Dan ANASTASIU, Mihaela VASILIU, Ana Maria CHIRAP, Vasile BURLUI


The potential of liposomes as drug delivery systems in the oral cavity has been studied, alongwith the preparation, characterization and in vitro citotoxicity evaluation of two types of liposomes (MLV and LUV). MLV liposomes were prepared according to the thin film hydration method, and LUVs – by the extrusion method. The size of liposomes was measured by laser light scattering. Drug encapsulation efficiency and in vitro release were spectrophotometrically studied. The in vitro cytotoxic effects of liposomes were determined on the HDF cell line. LUV liposomes proved to be superior to the MLV ones in terms of stability, cationic charged liposomes showed severe cytotoxicity, while nonionic liposomes appeared as non-cytotoxic. According to the present results, only PC/CHOL liposomal formulations can be used for prophylactic or therapeutic treatments in the oral cavity.

  • dentistry
  • liposomes
  • prophylaxis
  • therapeutic treatment