Authors: Pavel SIDELNIKOV


Aim: To study the clinical and morphological characteristics of Bio-Oss and Bio-Gate materials during bone-plastic operations, especially bone regeneration after surgical interventiond.
Materials and method: The pathomorphological study was performed with the intravital biopsy material of bone tissue from augmentation areas, obtained during implants placement. Clinical studies included subjective and objective methods, in particular X-ray analysis and photo documenting. Bio-Oss , Bio-Gide , Bio-Gide Perio membranes, Resor-Pin pins, U-impl implant systems were investigated and 231 operations were performed with Bio-Oss and Bio-Gate , of which 38 cases of sinus lifting, 145 of bone plasty with simultaneous implantation and 48 cases of periodontal surgery.
Results: Usage of bone-plastic Bio-OSS and Bio-Gate materials during various bone-plastic and periodontal operations assures a high clinical effect (from 93 to 99%). Morphologically, it has been observed that, after usage of bone Bio-OSS and Bio-Gate materials, a new osteoid tissue was formed, similar to the bone tissue of the alveolar process, with high mineralization levels, especially in the first 2 years, due to the simultaneous resorption of the material. The newly-formed tissue has a classical design and can fully perform the functions of jaw bones, especially for carrying loads transmitted with either teeth or implants.

  • Bio-Gide
  • Bio-Gide Perio
  • bone substitutes
  • reparative osteogenesis
  • subantral augmentation
  • U-Impl implants
  • Вio-Oss