Authors: Celestina BUGEAC, Vasile BURLUI, Nicolae BARANOV, Adrian VIZITIU


The information provided within the programs of human genome sequencing facilitate understanding of the etiology of various diseases and of the principles of molecular genetics, while the modern methods at hand permit utilization of genetic information for risk evaluation
and also for a most precise establishment of diagnosis and, respectively, for the implementation of suitable treatments for each patient in part. Specialists in oral health will be obliged to acquire notions of human genetics, thus learning to apply the new therapeutical and diagnosis technologies. In this respect, the present study aims at outlining the importance of a continuous professional training of stomatologists, and not only, to keep pace with the permanent evolution and with the technological possibilities in the field of medical genomics and to successfully make use of the actual information and techniques. This challenge requires the implementation of
some new medical disciplines, offerring to specialists notions of molecular biology, genomics, personalized medicine and individualized treatment.

  • genomics
  • individualized treatment.
  • molecular genetics
  • oral medicine