Authors: Carmen SAVIN, Adriana BĂLAN, Laura GAVRILĂ, Eugeniu MIHALAŞ, Ana PETCU, Vasilica TOMA


Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation syndrome (MIH) is a clinical disease that affects permanent molars and/or permanent incisors and is characterized by the presence of some demarcated opacities (with white to yellow-brownish discolorations within the enamel structure) and by reduced mechanical properties and resistance of the enamel. In the literature of the field, MIH prevalence in various countries
ranges from 2.8% to 44%. This syndrome has a multifactorial etiology (including environmental, medical, genetic, systemic factors). MIH represents a challenging disease due to the serious problems that it can raise for both paediatric dentists and child and due to its interdisciplinary approach (general practitioner, paediatric dentist, physician, psychologist, etc.).

  • Child
  • diagnosis
  • MIH