Authors: Cornelia URSU, Carmen STADOLEANU, Laura ROMILA, Liliana SACHELARIE, Rodica GHIURU, Vasile BURLUI


Medical controversies have multiple implications and they cannot always be solved easily. In recent times, the increased number of medical controversies results mainly from the insufficient resources necessary to perform research activities that could solve them on the basis of scientific evidence. It is therefore obvious that solving of a medical controversy can be achieved through a process based on scientific and legal principles. Selection of judges and referees would also involve consultation with appropriate scientific societies and organizations, to assure specific scientific capability and no obvious connection to the disputed issue. A new process for medical controversies resolution should address a broad range of issues – including safety, efficacy, cost and related economic concerns, quality of life, ethical and legal concerns. During his decisional activity, a physician should approach any medical dilemma according to the theories of bioethics and deontological principles.

  • bioethics theories
  • deontological principles.
  • medical controversies