Authors: Cristian ROMANEC, Sorana ROŞU, Carina BALCOŞ


Introduction: Total acrylic prosthesis is a conventional method recommended in cases of total or partial edentation, for restoring the functionality and aesthetic appearance, thus representing an optimal solution for improving the life quality of patients who have lost their natural teeth. Materials and methods: The study, conducted in the Dental Clinic, included a total number of 21 patients, aged 47-79 years. Results and discussion: Clinical observations were made in cases with acrylic fracture, involving analysis and evaluation of some clinical aspects with increased risk of fracture (maxilla/mandible, Median/Paramedian fracture line, etc.) which, if associated, increase even more the risk of fracture. Conclusions: Clinical observations evidenced the presence of fracture risk in acrylic prostheses, with the prime necessity of correctly conceiving and making mobile prostheses, but also of using these inserts.

  • acrylic prosthesis
  • polymers
  • reinforcement.