Authors: Loredana Liliana HURJUI, Ionela Lăcrămioara ȘERBAN, Minela Aida MĂRĂNDUCĂ, Carina BALCOȘ, Andreea Diana BORDEIANU, Ion HURJUI, Cristina Claudia TĂRNICERIU, Mihaela MITREA, Oana Adina ARMENCIA, Irina GRĂDINARU


The first year in college is a challenging experience for students in general and for medical school students in particular, if considering the amount of academic work and the requirements for performance. International students have additional challenges, as they adjust to a new life style and a new culture; all of these for a lot of disciplines and hard work. Tutoring services, focused specifically on improving academic results for all students, were implemented for all first year students. This quantitative study explored First Year Medical School Experience for International Students going into the second year and the role of tutoring services. We pilot this survey in order to improve the programs offered to students in their first year, especially tutoring, to become more successful as they make the transition to the second year of medical school. Participation in the survey was voluntary and the data collected was confidential, releasing no personal individual identification. All students included in the study should access an electronic survey on Survey Monkey, that will take no more than 15 minutes to fill in. Students get better results when they feel a particular interest from the university, when they focus on support services (counseling). Universities, which help students consider themselves socially integrated, have a positive impact on academic adaptation and performance. The students of the first academic year are only partly aware of the factors that contribute to their success, showing little involvement in various activities. Therefore, we assume that they expect greater support from the part of their teachers. The present research is going to cover an overview of terminology, of the literature review highlighting the main studies, of the methodology used (population, survey, data collection and data analysis), and the of results obtained, with a summary of findings.

  • first year
  • international students
  • medical school including dental students