Authors: Aldweesh ALJAZI


Objective: To investigate the effectiveness of coated aesthetic archwires by reviewing randomized controlled trials after having evaluated them in terms of colour stability, tooth movement, and patient perception. Materials and methods: An electronic search was conducted using Medline via OVID (January 1, 1966–June 1, 2021), EMBASE, PubMed, and the Cochrane Central Register of Control Trials through June 2021. Results and discussion: One hundred and forty-four abstracts and titles were identified, seven being retrieved for review. Two randomized controlled trials matched the inclusion criteria. One study reported no statistical difference in tooth alignment between coated archwires, while the other reported a statistical difference between them in non-extraction cases (p = 0.005). Some brands performed better than others in coating loss and colour change (BioCosmetic® and G&H®). Conclusions: Coated archwires were effective in tooth movement, although some of them showed significant colour change and coating loss. Patients had a positive perception on coated archwires. Funding: No funding was received for this review.

  • aesthetic archwires
  • coated archwires
  • orthodontics