Authors: Mubashir Baig MIRZA, Mohammed Ali Salem ABUELQOMSAN


Introduction. Career satisfaction can be described as a pleasant state of emotion arising from the assessment of one’s work. Job satisfaction encourages a dentist, offers progress, satisfaction, and workplace enjoyment. Furthermore, this positively increases patient satisfaction and care. Aim. To evaluate career satisfaction among endodontists in south Indian region. Materials and methods. A cross-sectional survey including 240 endodontists from the South Indian region containing 5 states of India: Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Data collection was done by sending questionnaires to the endodontists by different means of social media. Descriptive analysis was done and expressed as mean, standard deviation (SD), frequency and percentage (%). The comparison of all domains was investigated by using Chi square test. Results and discussion. Most endodontists reported (44.6%) professional growth as the motivation behind the choice of endodontic specialty, followed by challenging profession (32.1%), while 57.1% of them strongly agreed that endodontics was the first choice among other specialties, followed by 43.8% as overall. Concerning the satisfaction reason for the workplace environment, 46.7% of them strongly agree that they were treated respectfully by senior colleagues, 53.8% of them strongly agree that they were having good relations with their patients, and 45.0% were satisfied with their job. 32.5% of them strongly agreed that the resources provided in the clinics are adequate for delivery of quality. Conclusions. Job satisfaction among the endodontists from the South India region was high. Yet, more studies would be necessary to evaluate their job satisfaction.

  • career satisfaction
  • endodontists
  • south India