Authors: Vasile BURLUI, Toni Andor CIGU, Gabriela Liliana HALIŢCHI, Liliana SACHELARIE, Constanţa MOCANU, Oana CUCOVEICĂ, Carmen STADOLEANU


In stomatological practice, virtual reality assures an interactive module capable, through vizualization of the abstract process of digital simulation, of both stomatologist’s communication with the laboratory of dental technique and corroboration of the clinical and paraclinical data. An efficient approach of virtual reality assumes acceptance of the artificially created environment, competence and skill, as well as corresponding hardware equipments, absolutely necessary for generating simulations. The CAD/CAM technology came to be viewed as a routine process in the realization of dental protheses, while virtual reality gains ground, once the working algorithm integrates both the digital imprints and models, and the articulators and the virtual facial arch. Solving of a complex case requires an organized and systematic approach, including evaluation, diagnostication and working out of the morpho-functional issues, which involves an interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists in orthodontics, prosthetics, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology and periodontontics, capable of assuring an efficient treatment. The software is used in orthodontics, prosthetics or implant surgery. Implants insertion makes use of digital planning and of a surgical guide printed with a 3D device. Computer-aided surgery permits solving of quite complex cases for which the conventional techinques might provoke accidents or a high failure ratio. Whichever the medical specialty in which it is employed, artificial intelligence permits reproduction of a rational classical system, whose main targets are predictibility, efficiency and productivity. The present study is a synthesis of a clinical investigation on the necessity of the interdisciplinary approach in complex medical situations, based on digital technologies applied in both planning and therapeutical stages.

  • digital dentistry
  • interdisciplinary