Authors: Marzieh MOHAMMADI-MOGHADDAM, Mohaddese ZEBARJADI, Freshteh OSMANI


Introduction: Periodontal disease is an inflammatory response of the periodontal tissues, resulting in tissue destruction, bone loss and eventually tooth loss. Determining what dentists know and believe about periodontal tissue properties is important in order to establish prevention practices. The aim of this study was to investigate the knowledge, attitude and practice of general dentists in Birjand about the properties of periodontal tissue around retainable teeth. Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 91 general dentists by the census method. Knowledge, practice and attitude of general dentists about periodontal tissue properties around retainable teeth were assessed by a validated researcher-made questionnaire applied in Birjand city. Data was analyzed using ANOVA, t-test or nonparametric equivalent, at a significant level of 0.05. Results and discussion: The results showed that the mean score of dentists’ attitude, knowledge and practice about the characteristics of periodontal tissue around retainable teeth were 70.7, 88.2 and 77, respectively. The mean score of attitude of male dentists was significantly higher than in female ones (P=0.014), however, in the two other scales, no significant difference was observed (P>0.05). Also,  a significant inverse relationship was observed between dentists’ knowledge and their work experience, but no significant difference in the attitude and practice based on work experience (P>0.05). Conclusions: According to the results of this study, although dentists have good attitude and practice regarding the characteristics of periodontal tissue around retainable teeth, their knowledge was insufficient and appeared relatively moderate. So, it is highly recommended that retraining courses should be held to improve their knowledge.

  • attitude
  • dentists
  • periodontal tissue
  • practice