Authors: Lubna ALFALEH, Laila BAIDAS


Introduction. Evaluation of changes in orthodontic practice trends over the years is essentials for defining treatment efficacy. Our study aimed at evaluating the current trends provided by orthodontists in Saudi Arabia. Materials and methods. A cross-sectional study was conducted using a questionnaire-based survey including approximately 1,500 members of the Saudi Orthodontic Society. The survey covered subjects’ demographic details, functional and headgear appliance uses, extraction rate, retention and current techniques in orthodontics. Results and discussion. 209 respondents filled in the survey, which means a response rate of 13.9%. The respondents reported occasional use of functional appliance (61.7%), and headgear (65.6%) therapies. Twin Block appliances were performed by senior orthodontists (P < 0.001). 57.9% perform extractions, 55.5% recorded the same percentage of extractions over the past 5 years, while only those with <5 years of experience reported a decline in their extraction rate (P < 0.001). Some preferred Essix retainer for the upper arch (66.5%) and fixed lingual retainer for the lower arch (75.6%), while those with more than 15 years of experience recommended lower fixed retainers for permanent use (P < 0.001). Some respondents reported occasional use of Invisalign (50%) and mini screws (55%), both being often used by practitioners with less than 5 years of experience (P > 0.001, P > 0.00). Conclusion. The present study explains some relevant aspects on the profile of orthodontists in Saudi Arabia regarding the trends in the treatment they provide.

  • current orthodontic trends
  • functional appliance
  • retention
  • Saudi Orthodontic Society