Authors: Mădălina BORCA, Alexandru BORCA, Gabriela HALIŢCHI, Alin CIOBICA, Ioannis MAVROUDIS, Ecaterina BURLUI, Vasile BURLUI, Alin IORDACHE


Due to the high percentages of dental pathologies registered in humans in recent decades, large-scale studies are needed to innovate the field of dentistry for future generations. An element of novelty that could help in the prophylaxis and treatment of dental diseases is phytotherapy and, implicitly, the use of the active principles present in the composition of medicinal plants for combating pathogens. The kingdom of Plantae could also offer the saving answer to the fight against antibiotic resistance, as many phytocompounds have known antibacterial effects, high efficiency and low toxicity upon the human body, as well as antitumoral effects.Elaboration of a database providing information on the use of the active principles present in medicinal plants could facilitate the extension of their use in the field of oro-dental medicine and, at the same time, of the knowledge and indexation of the information thus obtained, leading to the constant evolution of this field of scientific interest.The primary objective of this study is to develop a comprehensive database encompassing the utilization of medicinal plants in Oro-Dental Medicine, with particular focus on their application in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. The scope encompasses the identification and analysis of active phytochemicals in these plants and their therapeutic potential against common oral pathogens. Significant findings include identification of several plant species with proven efficacy in dental care and their potential role in combating antibiotic resistance. Our conclusions advocate for the integration of phytotherapy in dental medicine and highlight the critical role of multidisciplinary approaches in dental healthcare.

  • dental pathologies
  • medicinal plants
  • phytocompounds
  • phytotherapy
  • rational databases.