Authors: Barakah HAIFA


The use of aesthetic light-cured resin-based composites (RBCs) is increasing, and their success rate is strongly related to the curing efficiency of the light curing systems used. Recently, light emitting diode light curing units (LED LCUs) have been introduced to the dental profession, replacing other LCUs. The present paper aims at reviewing the literature that investigated the characteristics of LED LCUs and their clinical relevance. An electronic search was carried out through the Web of Science, targeting the efficiency of LED LCU devices, their advantages and limitations in curing (RBCs), based mainly on peer-reviewed and frequently cited research articles. It has been shown that a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary LED LCUs contributes greatly to the maximum efficiency of RBCs photopolymerization, which in turn enhances their longevity. It is recommended that the clinicians should understand all important criteria related to LCUs.

  • broad spectrum
  • conversion
  • depth of cure
  • high intensity
  • LED light curing units
  • photopolymerization