Authors: Manuela Arbune , Oana-Mirela Potarniche, Silvia Martu


The objective of the study is to evaluate the oral health problems on HIV youth patients from Galati.
Materials and method. A cross-sectional study assessed 102 patients with mean age 22. The most frequent oral manifestations on HIV infected youth under ART are ery- thema marginatum, periodontitis, candidosis and hyper- trophia gingivalis.

Results and discussion. Dental decay-missing-filled index on HIV patients is high. Viral HIV replication, long time pediatric exposure on HIV, male sex, smoking, and oral inflamation are related to dental poor condition. Exodontic therapy is comon among HIV youth. However, persistence of some associated oral infections is related to individual or behavioral risk factors, but also to some newly found mechanisms, such as disfunctional immune reconstruction. Seeing to antiretroviral treatment, the severity and frequency of oral manifestations decreased among HIV patients on antiretroviral treatment.

Conclusions. Developing medical, social and educational programs is imperative for improving the oral health of HIV youth of Galati.